Friday, February 17, 2012

What cookies?

Well, I'm not in labor. I really don't know if the cookies did anything. With Austin I stayed 0 cm right until the end. I had a dr's appt yesterday and he says I'm 1/4 of a cm dialated. Not very much at all, but it's something right? I don't know whether it's from the cookies or not, but they were so gross and made me want to throw up after eating 2 that I'm not sure I'll finish off the batch I made. (but a funny, my father in law had some and yesterday morning he was joking that he had a bunch the night before and nothing happened to him either. Huh.)

We had an ultrasound. The technician was amazing and they had a little screen at the end of the bed so I didn't have to give myself a neck ache trying to see. He even switched the machine over to 3d for a bit. We didn't do this with Austin, and now I wish we had gotten at least one picture just so I can compare. I posted the picture on my Facebook and have been told it looks like Austin. I really didn't see it until people started saying it which is why I would have loved to compare. During the 3d part baby had a frowny face going the whole time. As I laid there watching I thought, hmm it was probably the cookies that made her sad. Lol!

Anyways, I figured I would do an update for those waiting on pins and needles to see if I was in labor. I'm not. I'm just sitting here suffering from very bad heartburn and insomnia. I'm hoping to be back asleep before 5am.

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