Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some crazy hats

While looking for some pictures for my previous post about what I would wear to the royal wedding, I came across some pictures of some crazy hats. Wow. I just felt the need to share them all here with you.

Let's start with this beauty. I'm not sure a royal is wearing this (I'm not so up on my royals...) but it said it was worn at the Royal Ascot which I believe is something like the Kentucky Derby

And this lovely piece worn by Princess Beatrice..... She's just really into the horse race... that's it.

Sadly, my next find was also a princess Beatrice picture

Now, I don't believe this is a royal, but it makes me giggle. Kind of looks like a fancy napkin, but is it the table cloth for her table?

Then, I found another Princess Beatrice picture. Seriously, how does her head not fall over?

I decided it was time to stop picking on poor Princess Beatrice, but then this picture came up and I just couldn't help myself. What the....

I had google searched royal princess hats. This came up in the search. Do I ever want that barbie hat... (insert sarcasm here)

Now these hats aren't crazy, but I love the face Kate is making in this picture. I swear I can hear her saying "Is it time to get this bloody hat off my head yet, I'm itchy."

It kind of looks like a green crab is trying to escape off the back of this hat...

And finally, I leave you with a non royal hat that is bound to make you giggle. Seriously, What the Eff makes you want to wear a bathroom on your head?!?!?

I guess the moral of the story here is:

1. you must always tilt your funny hat off the right side or centre of your head.

2. Princess Beatrice needs to fire her current hat chooser. Pick me instead.

3. Her Royal Majesty the Queen has some very beautiful hats.


  1. The green saucer/spiral is Eugenie not Beatrice.



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