Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I haven't been posting much. I got home from Ontario and discovered my yard. Yes, I snooped around a bit before the snow came, but I moved in here like 2 weeks before the snow came. I didn't get to spend too much out side. So we have been outside.

I assembled this bit of awesomeness I picked up at Toys r Us for $30 (and had a $20 US gift card so it only cost me $6) and Austin is loving it.

Then, a few days later I assembled this one

Which he promptly rode off the deck and down the stairs. Thank goodness there is only 2. whew! We have to go pick up a helmet for him before he's allowed out of our backyard with it.

Then, we pre-planted some seeds

And, we blew some bubbles.

I'm sure we will have a LOT more outdoor pictures to show. We've got some sidewalk chalk to play with, a pool to put together, and a sandbox I'm afraid to let him play in because of the mess. lol.

Hope everyone is out enjoying this weather too!!

p.s. we have a new garbage bin. We broke down and ordered one. sigh.

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