Monday, April 11, 2011

Hold onto this time

Some days, I think I am going crazy. That if I hear one more whine or cry my head might actually explode. If another variation of the word no escapes austin's lips I might have to lock myself in the bathroom and bang my head off the wall.

But I also know that before I know it this time will be gone. He is only 2 years, 5 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days old once. Tomorrow will be a different number and within what will seem like only a few months from now he will be 3 years old.

I'm trying my hardest to live every day to the best. There are hard days for sure. Like today. A very hard day. But despite being hard I still try to remind myself to take all of him in. See the silly things. Like trying to sneak and tip toe down the hall when he should be sleeping. Especially when I am looking at him and he's still trying to sneak. Or when he stops, says ready? Go! Then continues running.

I love the way he is so curious about life and want to know "what that mommy?" Or "where did ___ go?" And when he's excited he will say 'look look!" And point out all the things that us as adults don't bother stopping to appreciate.

I look at my niece and nephew while I'm here at my mom's or I look back at videos and pictures of austin and I'm reminded that he's only this age once, every day he gets older and I need to cherish those days. I am going to try my hardest to live each day to it's best. Try to remember the cute when I'm losing patience. Try to tell myself that life is short, do all that I can now. And no matter what I will always love my family.


  1. I miss holding my baby boy in my arms. He's almost 7 now. I just got used to saying 6, I'm not looking forward to him becoming more and more independent. You're right, each day is new. Each moment should be treasured.

  2. I was just saying something very similar to this last night. My oldest turns 4 in September. I cannot believe how fast times goes by, my baby isn't really a baby anymore. I always compare myself to someone who is desparately trying to slow time down, dragging my hands into that solid mass, hoping I can stop it. I have 3, 3 and under and some days are just so rough, but when it gets to that I'm going to go crazy point, some days I will sit down in the middle of the floor and just laugh, and just loose ourselves in that moment. That is the number one thing for me, I just want to cherish every moment I can with my babies :)


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