Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hey Jude

I'm not really sure why "Hey Jude" is such a favorite song of mine. I love the Beatles, made that way even more after seeing the John Lennon Exhibit at the Rock N Roll Hall of fame in Cleveland when I was in College.

For the first at least year and half of his life, I sang "All My Loving" to Austin nightly before bed. I listened to so much beatles music and sang so much of it while pregnant that when he was first born that song would get him to stop crying.

I also briefly considered calling him Jude. Because that song is a favorite. My best guess is because that was the song that Uncle Sid's Piano could play on it's own. All I know is he put a roll in the piano and the keys started playing on it's own and the family started singing.

Regardless, I do love it, and don't be surprised if future children are named after Beatles songs.

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