Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So for a while I've been hanging around in the blog world. There is this thing that happens on Wednesdays that is called Wordless Wednesdays. Basically you post pictures. No words necessary. I think I might take part in a few wordless wednesdays because I have tons of pics to share, plus it's a great way to still connect with my readers. Obviously this week I have a few words so I will no be participating. Plus Wednesday is almost over. There is always next week.

A Month or so ago I thought about starting something called What's up Wednesdays. Basically reaching out to some friends you haven't talked to in a few days/weeks/months or even years and finding out What's up? Now that I am living so far away from everyone in my previous life, I think What's up Wednesdays could be a hit! How about you? Do you know of anyone you would reach out to with What's up Wednesday?

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