Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh Michaels...

I'm sure all of you know that I am hardcore crafter. My super awesome husband got me a cricut a few years ago for Christmas. For owning the cricut for so many years, I definitely don't have a lot of cartridges. Due to the cost of them in store ($90 to $120 at michaels) I can only afford to buy them during sales.

Well, Boxing day Michaels had cartridges on sale for $39.99. This is the cheapest i've seen them so we went. They had nothing. boo. We picked up the other stuff we went for and checked out. The cashier put the little flyer with the upcoming sales into our bag. I get home, unpack the bags and find the flyer. And I see this

And I was in shock and totally excited. Cartridges for $16.99?!?!? Holy crap! The sale is Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th. Now, I know it says while supplies last, no rain cheques etc. So I tell my super awesome husband that we are going to be standing at the door the minute the doors open on the satuday. I put the flyer on my fridge and even write it on the calendar.

Fast forward to Saturday. We are in the middle of a crazy snowstorm. Regardless, we got dressed and ready to go for the 9am opening. The snow pile at the end of our driveway was so big that we had to get the snowblower out and it took a good 30 minutes, even with the snow blower to get out of the driveway. We brave the drive into Edmonton and even though the main roads are plowed, Michael's parking lot sure the hell isn't. I pull into the parking lot, and get stuck. My super awesome husband got out and pushed me until I finally got going again and made it to the store. This is when my super awesome husband turns into slightly cranky husband. We made it there with 5 minutes to spare.

9 am there are 3 of us waiting at the door and the Michaels associate opens the door. The lady in front of me asks, where do you keep the cricut cartridges. Now here is where the whole day gets worse. The associate answers. "Aisle (whatever) but the ones on sale for $16.99 are sold out." I think all of us stopped in our tracks and stared at the lady. It's the first day of the sale, how on earth are they sold out. So, I ask.

"These cartridged went on clearance before Christmas and we've been sold out since then." That explains why there were no cartridges there on boxing day. However, knowing you don't have any stock and you have a sale coming up, why would you not order more? I point out that maybe they shouldn't have advertised the sale if there were none available. The oh so helpful associate (did you read that with sarcasm in your head? Good.) tells us that the sales are determined 6 months in advance. Obviously they should know there is a sale coming up, order more!!! So we figure, we are already in town, lets see if the other stores have any. Nope, they are all out too. One store has 3 of one cartridge. I'm not driving across town for that.

We leave the store even more ticked off and stand with one of the ladies that was waiting with us for the door to open while she called the 1-800-michael number. She was told pretty much, tough luck for you. My slightly cranky husband becomes really cranky husband.

We get in the car, crank the heat back up and go to leave.... Our tires just spinned. We were stuck. Really cranky husband gets out and pushes (again) and when we finally manage to get the car moving I have to hit the brakes and stop because a truck was coming up to the intersection and wasn't going to be stopping. Really cranky husband turns into yelling husband. Starts pushing again. Finally after a good 30 minutes we are freed from the clutches of Michaels. Yelling husband is now downright pissed off husband.

We head home and I hit the interwebs. Leave a comment with michaels twitter page, log onto their facebook page and leave a comment then hit up the website and email them. On the facebook page, there are HUNDREDS of other equally pissed off people. Apparently stores in the states were told to start the sale early so those lucky enough to be in the store before the weekend got cartridges, but people like me, who show up early on saturday were left disappointed. My downright pissed off husband calls the 1-800-michael number himself. He is told unfortunately they sold out, too bad. We mention how our michaels hasn't had any cartridges (incl. reg price) since boxing day. the oh so helpful phone agent (yes, read sarcasm in that too) tells us that the michaels superstars (not really the name, yes, sarcasm) checked inventory on Dec 31st and decided that there was enough for this sale and didn't need to order more. Well, someone please tell me where they found that stock, because there is nothing in Edmonton.

Like I had said, I emailed Michaels. This is the message I had sent to them.

Call Description: I am writing in regards to the cricut cartridges on sale in the flyer for this week starting today. I arrived at 9am to my closest Michaels store, despite a severe snow storm, to be told as we walked in the door that they were all sold out of the cartridges that were on sale today.I find it ridiculous that on the first day of the sale, with the first customers of the day there not be ANY product available. We were told by the employees at the store that the cartridges had been reduced before Christmas and they had sold out of them then. If they sold out of the cartridges over 2 weeks ago I find it hard to believe that they did not think that maybe they should re-order for this upcoming sale.

I am beyond disappointed at Michaels for this and do spend a lot of my scrapbooking money there. I am in the midst of getting my own handmade card business off the ground and believe me, I do spend quite a bit at Michaels on paper, glue and embellishments.

I am starting to think that maybe I need to order my products online from now on because Michaels seems to be unreliable with it's promotions. I have also noticed on your facebook page that there are quite a few people who experienced the same thing today and are as equally upset. I do hope that you take this chance to make it up to your customers, while you still have them.
Kristin *****

I think it was well written and said for the most part. Just before writing this post, I received a response from Michaels.

New Entry: Dear Kristin, Thank you for contacting us; we appreciate your business! The Cricut cartridges featured in the Weekly Ad that are available for $9.99 ($16.99in Canada) are only clearance styles. These styles are being retired andare only available while supplies last, as noted in the ad. We apologizefor the inconvenience.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to express your concerns. Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-642-4235 with any further questions or concerns.

Sincerely, Michaels Customer Relations

CCCallID: 02796486

It does not note anywhere in the ad that it is only clearance styles. I states Cricut clearance blowout (which one would think means you are NOW putting them on clearance) and states that Cricut cartridges Orig $89.99. Does not say anything about previously clearanced items or only certain ones.

I also love how they don't even take responsibility and accountability for the email to an actual person and just sign the email Michaels Customer Relations. This whole thing angers me so much. I guess it's time to check out Ebay and wholesale websites instead. Thanks for nothing Michaels.

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  1. I didn't even know there was a sale till I saw your rant lol.. but I went after church yesterday and the one here only had 3 Sesame Street ones and 1 US Flag one... at least I got one I guess... (Laura Hill)


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