Wednesday, January 5, 2011


11 Minutes ago the call out began.

Dave is at the hall.

They say Good morning let's begin.

They usually start with people who have been laid off since August. Maybe one or two guys heads up to the dispatch window.

Then they move to September, then October.

Slowly they call the months up.

Lately they've gotten to october and there is a line up of people at the dispatch window.

We are December 2nd.

Come on December.

The last week and half has sucked. With the holidays the hall has been closed quite a bit. It was closed monday so yesterday they didn't have any calls.

Today there is hope.

Today there are 51 jobs.

I don't know if I want to cry that there is a chance he will get a job, or cry because he might not get one.


Another disappointment.

I try to stay positive but I also try not to jinx it.

Please whatever karmic/godly/supernatural powers are out there.

Let today be a happy day.


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