Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Dinner

This year we were on our own for Christmas dinner. I was totally leaving it to Dave to deal with. I don't do raw meat, and have never cooked a turkey, or a chicken... However, Dave was sick and went back to bed as soon as presents were done.

That left me to figure out how to cook a turkey.
First, I searched using my Swagbucks toolbar. It gave me some basic info, rinse turkey inside and out remove giblets and pat dry. I managed to do all of that. yay me! I also want to say a huge thanks to whoever bought us this for our wedding. I honestly thought we'd never use it.
But then I was stuck. I was sure that some seasoning was needed but didn't know what. So I called my Mother in Law. She told me what to do. First, spread butter on it and put pepper on.
Yes, I'm doing the 2 finger thing because I don't like touching meat. haha. Then I threw random spices into the turkey. Yes threw. I held the turkey up like this...
and with my other hand tossed seasoning into it. haha. Hey, whatever works. lol. Finally, My turkey was ready to go into the oven.
Dave was sleeping all afternoon. I cooked the potatoes, carrots, did the stuffing, and then this beauty was ready to come out.
Then I made some super delicious gravy and our table was ready to go.
As you can see on the far right side, Dave did get up for a bit but only had a few bites of everything. Austin loved the Potatoes and stuffing. I think the whole thing turned out amazing! I was really surprised it turned out ok!!
All in all it was a successful dinner and I'm sure in the future I will make it again, but not too near in the future. lol!

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  1. Oh, the dreaded turkey, my MIL taught me how to make sure all the feathers are out first, then.. wait for it... we have to take salt and stick our entire hand inside the turkey to rub it down real well on, to season the inside basically.

    I tell ya, the first time I did that it was a total gross out factor for me! Your Turkey looks pretty darn yummy!


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