Friday, January 7, 2011

I laugh at stupid stuff

No really I do. I can break into laughter and just not stop over anything. I will start to calm down then repeat in my head what got me going in the first place, and well... I just don't stop.

So, since the internet is full of time sucking websites I've avoided this one like the plague. It's a site dedicated to all those auto corrects that our new technology, mostly the iPhone, decide to throw our way. Well, I visited last night. I was laying in bed beside my husband silently giggling and crying from laughter while trying to not wake him up. So tonight I wanted to catch up on a few more. Omg hilarious. I will start reading and start laughing and laugh at the stupidest ones ever. Ones that aren't even funny. And forget telling other people. I tried to tell a few to Bob tonight and couldn't even get them all out because I was laughing. About Ovaries. haha. And yes, at one point I even snorted.

Because I rock.

If you want to kill some time with some funnies I would suggest checking that site out, or some of my other favorites - failblog texts from last night lamebook and failbook then for those fans of etsy there is regretsy and finally I think my mom's favorite People of Walmart

Have any more time wasters... err favorite websites to share?

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