Thursday, December 23, 2010

Swagbucks update

I figured I would do a bit of an update on the whole Swagbucks thing. I posted about it the day I started here, which was Dec 10th. Now, Dec 23rd, I've earned almost 800 Swagbucks! (as of this second I have 795) With 450 Swagbucks I can get a $5 Amazon gift card. Now, I'm sure some people are thinking, that's a lot of bucks to get a $5 card. But think about it, I'm doing searches, things I would normally use google for, plus, instead of just typing in facebook, twitter or even blogger I search it instead. It's one small extra step, but at this point I've almost gotten $10 in free amazon cards!

Now, here's the other exciting point. For every person I refer, signs up through me, and earns Swagbucks, I earn them too! Yes, I am excited about that. haha. Of course, if you want in on some of this free gift card goodness, and who DOESN'T like free, you can sign up! Just click on the little picture below here and it will take you right to the site to sign up! When you sign up, you immediately get 30 Swagbucks to start.

Search & Win

Also, for those that sign up this week if you enter "SignUp2010" right after registering you get a bonus 20 Swagbucks. Just let me know if you need any help with signing up or anything else and I will try to help you out as much as I can!

p.s. did I forget to mention if you shop online, there are sites you can get to (like best buy) through Swagbucks and earn 2 Swagbucks for every $1 spent. I've found Dave's Birthday present request on there, cheaper then in HMV, and I plan on ordering it for him.... because we both benefit!

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