Tuesday, December 7, 2010


When we first moved here to Alberta we went on an ikea shopping trip. We bought Austin a set of lights for his room to use as a nightlight. We put them up yesterday. Night light it is not. We could start using them to light our entire house if needed. lol. Still, he loved them so we figured we would leave them on at bedtime. 8pm, we put him down. I went in to check on him and it was the most adorable thing ever.

He was sitting on his bed, and had undressed his monkey Bananas. He had the cream in his hand, still closed, and was rubbing Bananas tummy. Then when he noticed me he pointed to Bananas bum and said poop poop! He then proceeded to get out of bed, run to the bathroom and put Bananas on the potty. It was the most Adorable thing I have ever seen. I'm glad he's getting the concept of potty training.

Finally at 9pm I unplugged his lights since he was still playing with his monkeys and after some protest (ok a lot, he loved having his lights on) he finally crashed.

I think Potty training is going to make a return in our house. Hopefully the flu doesn't interrupt this time.

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