Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Raise your hand if you're resourceful.

Ooh Ooh, I am I am! *raises hand*

I had the ultimate "holy crap am I ever resourceful" moment tonight.

We had a glorious date night, saw little fockers. After the movie I head to the bathroom. A few movies let out so the bathroom was busy, people are talking, toilets are flushing, water is running and hand dryers are blowing. I pee, and then realize.... There is no toilet paper.

I could politely ask someone to pass me some, but no one would hear me! I start to panic. What do I have in my purse. I start thinking..

Nope, I threw out the napkins I grabbed for the popcorn. Crap. I don't have tissues. Crap.

Then it hits me. Well, I know I have tampons. I could try those....

I start digging through my purse and I find the answer. A clean diaper. If Austin can pee in it, I'm sure it would do the trick for me.

Let me tell you. It does. haha. I had a smirk of "bahaha I am so smart" on my face while washing my hands and while walking out the door. My husband thought it was hilarious. I think it's resourceful.

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