Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mmmm Pizza!

*tune of Brady Bunch* Here's a story, about man named Murphy. He made a very different pizza store. You walk in, and place your order. Then you take it home to bake it on your own.... Ok that's all I got. haha.

So Last night we decided to try out Papa Murphy's Pizza. It came highly reccomended to us.
I got in the car and drove over there. BY-MY-SELF. Yes. all alone. This is the first time I've been out of the house without Dave or Austin since we got here, other then the 2 shoppers drug mart cold medicine runs. I think I need to go out alone more often. lol.
I must have had a look of panic or unkown on my face because they figured out I'd never been there before. lol. I quickly figured out what I wanted and ordered. Dave is a huge meat lover, and I'd been told about their double decker pizza with 5 meats on it. So I got him that one. I ordered just a regular pizza. They make the pizzas right in front of you, and it only takes about 5 minutes.
The pizzas come on a thin cardboard like plate that you can put right into the oven. (the girl said It won't burn I promise. lol)
I also made my pizzas a combo. BEST COMBO EVER! for $7.99 I got cheesy bread, 2L coke and... and... cookie dough. mm mmm mmm
Here are our pizza's all made and at home.
Mine. mmm peperoni Mushroom and bacon.
Dave's double decker monstrocity. lol
So, I throw the pizzas in the oven. I'm not supposed to bake more then one at a time, but if you know me, you know I'm a rebel... so by these pictures you can tell, I didn't listen. lol
The cheesy bread was devoured by us. It was yummy.
Now, my pizza had to be cooked at 425, and dave's had to be cooked at 375. So, My pizza was all ready and looking delicious, while his went into the oven. (and it puffed up so much!) While we waited for Dave's Pizza Austin dug in to mine. He loved it! Ate all of his piece.

Finally, Dave's pizza was ready. Holy smokes. This thing was big.

He only managed to eat half a piece it was that big. This is his omg I might explode look.

Then, I figured, heck the oven is already on...

In went the cookies too!! I over cooked them a bit, but despite that they taste yummy! (and I might have had some for Breakfast.)

Overall, it was delicious. With the double decker pizza plus the $7.99 combo it was not a cheap meal. I almost had a heart attack . lol. The one thing I have an issue with is the fact you can't cook more then one pizza at a time. There were 2 different times needed for our pizzas. Plus Dave's pizza took about 20 minutes, so mine was a little cold by the time I got to it. That's pretty much my only issue, other then maybe putting the pizzas on something a little sturdier so that it's easier to get everything out of the store.

We have so much left overs it's crazy. So, feel free to stop by for some yummy pizza today!!


  1. Oh my goodness that Pizza looked yummy. We have nothing like that near us, the best we've got is Subway!

  2. I LOL'd at your post because of the realization "Oh...there isn't a Papa Murphy's back home?" They are a little pricey - the only time I ever purchased was when it was for a benefit, and the first time I was kinda of lost too! But YUM!

  3. See... yummy huh?!?!?! My fave!! we just get the stuffed meat pizza in family size and it lasts us a couple days for lunches... mmm mmm good!!


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