Thursday, July 1, 2010

New adventures in Wipe-Your-Paws land!!!

Well, the new excitement is: We're moving to Alberta. Crazy and insane for sure.

Obviously you all know that Dave has been working out there then came home. Well, there really isn't work here so the most obvious thing is - Go where the work is. So off to Alberta we go. We made the decision Tuesday morning. Let me just tell you, Tuesday was such an emotional wreck of a day. Yes, it did make me sad. I will admit that I cried. It was one of those cries where it starts and you have no idea until the tears are streaming down your face. Then I cried harder. I tried to reassure Dave that it was ok we were moving. He wasn't falling for it though because of the tears. Really, I was scared. I've never lived that far away from my family. I enjoy being able to drive 1o minutes to go visit if I'm bored. I enjoy looking in my cupboard, realizing I don't want to cook dinner so I just go to my mom's. (and yes, that may make me a mooch, but I bring Austin along so it's worth feeding us for some adorable baby/now toddler time.) I won't have anyone to just go hang out with, A nice dinner and a movie night? Who do we get to babysit? Because really, who can I trust. They will all be strangers. Then there is my job. I'm really enjoying it. It's the first time in years I've actually liked my job. However it's just a temp position so it's bound to come to an end. Then, the technicallities of actually moving and housing.

We originally decided to rent. However to get a 2 bedroom apartment we're looking at paying more then our mortgage here. So, I think we will be getting a mobile home. These things are crazy!! You can find some with more square feet then our townhouse! We are aware of the difficulties of re-sale but it's a better option then paying the outrageous penalty on our mortgage. Plus, some of them don't even look like mobile homes. They are a lot nicer looking then our current house.

So, this week has been busy. We've purged a lot, and I mean A LOT of stuff, and will be selling off a lot of furniture as well. We've packed a bunch of stuff away as well and got all of Dave's clothes packed up ready to go. The house will be going on the market next week I think. It's definately going to be a busy busy place here!!!

I am very excited to see all new things and meet new people. And at some point I am very very excited to try and see these.

I will be posting pictures when and if I get there!!!!


  1. OK, I'm ready to sit back and watch your adventure unfold! Post lots of updates as always. And because of the board, I'm sure you will know someone nearby already, maybe?

  2. I will definately make lots of posts and I'm hoping to be adopted by some lovely Alberta ladies! lol.


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