Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Woah Busy.

I want to start off by saying a big Huge massive thank you to my In Laws. This past week has been super busy, but It's all necessary. We've been getting the house organized and de-cluttered and cleaning out a lot of crap that we probably should have gotten rid of before but didn't. My In-laws have been helping to get rid of a lot of the crap and making our house look amazing. It's pretty much all ready to go onto the market, and I spoke with our REA today and he is going to come over on friday. I'm getting excited to start everything in motion and start this new beginning.

Dave made it to Alberta. He left Friday morning and got to Edmonton on Sunday afternoon. He hung out with a friend for the afternoon and checked out their new place, fell in love with another place, possibly for us. Monday he went and got the details on his new job, which thankfully is a camp job which means his room and board is covered so until our house sells we don't have to pay for rent and a mortgage.

Austin is still amazing me more and more everyday. I think with me working nights I've been missing quite a bit. I would love to keep him at home with me during the days but I can never sleep at night no matter how much or how little sleep I get the day before, and usually get an average of 3 or 4 hours sleep before I'm up with austin. Therefore he goes to daycare and I get to sleep a little longer so I don't pass out on my desk at work. He helps me with diaper changes by wiping himself (it's definately far from actually clean though) and he is always saying pee pee while grabbing himself. Not sure if he knows it's his pee pee or if he knows he pees in his diaper. He helps get dressed and undressed too. He can take his pants off and put them on and pull them up in the front, hasn't quite figured out he needs to pull the back of his pants up too. He can walk down the stairs. He grabs the railing and goes. Nearly gave me a heart attack the first time he did it, then Dave informed me that he taught him that. Yeah, maybe not the best age to be teaching that one. lol.

Austin is also listening better. If I tell him no or ask him to put something back or away he will do it. He also counts. To the untrained ear though he's just babbling, but it started when we would jump and started jumping in the pool. I would say "ready? 1....2......3!!!!" Now he stands still and in the same tone says 3 words (which I try to remember to record every time he says them and keep forgetting! but one of them is deee) then jumps. I've had to warn everyone that if he is near a pool or somewhere he shouldn't be jumping (like the couch) then to stop him before he hits 3. He has no fear and will do it - especially the pool! We were teaching him he needed to wait for someone to be there when he jumps in the water on the weekend, and thankfuly he is never in the pool unattended. Also, if you are trying to get him to go somewhere just say "on your marks, get set, go!!" and he will pause for 2 seconds then take off running. He's definately a sporty little guy. We just have to remember which ones he responds to, becuase saying on your marks get set go while trying to get him to jump just doesn't work out. Although some days you don't even need to prompt him! this is the video of him in his new big boy bed taken in June.

Another thing my lovely husband taught our son, is how to pillow fight. Thankfully Austin isn't that strong but I'm going to say some day it's going to come back to bite us in the rear. He will pick up the pillow and either smoosh it into you (usually the face) or just throw it at you. It's really adorable now, but I try not to let it happen too much. lol.

well, I've got ot try and get some sleep. I hope to update more soon!

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