Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Things have been rough the past few weeks. I've been feeling a little down plus I had some time off work so I took full advantage of that. I guess we'll start with the time off.

I was given the rest of the week off work due to lack of work. I kept my movie date with Brittany, and we went and thouroughly enjoyed eclipse. Then I packed our stuff up, picked austin up (I wasn't told until about noon that I wasn't working that night, so Austin was already at daycare) and headed off to the Cottage. Our cottage trip was filled with some ridiculously early mornings thanks to my little man. Friday morning was... ummm... fun. Without having the hindsight to pack some kids movies, I was stuck in a 3 room cottage, one room our bedroom, the other my dad's and the 3rd room being the kitchen, dining and living room all rolled into one, trying to keep a 1 1/2 year old quiet. Ummm yeah right. First, He decided to terrorize my dad's dogs. He grabbed their toy and in his mind, was playing with the puppies. In their minds, there was this little person, with their toy, yelling random babbles, shaking the toy up and down, while chasing them. Remember I said a 3 room cottage? Yeah, there were baby gates blocking 2 of the rooms. The dogs only had one choice. Run in circles around the table to get away. What does Austin do? Run in circles around the table after them 'playing' Poor poor dogs. They had no idea what they were in for. Finally I get austin settled, I'm sitting on the couch and smell something. Austin managed to turn on the burners for the stove (yes, totally not toddler proofed yet) and there was stuff on the stove. Thankfully it was only on for a few seconds before I got to it and shut it off. Then, me and the puppies are on the couch, austin is playing on the floor. He decides to get up on the couch, and stand. I tell him he needs to sit on his bum on the couch. So he stops standing. In the form of a body slam. On the smallest dog. Thankfully I caught him just as he landed so I don't think the poor little dog was damaged much. lol. Later in the day, Austin got the burners turned on again while we were doing dishes, and managed to melt a plastic bowl completely to the burner, and melt the foot of the crock pot. Fuse for the burners? Now removed. I don't think my dad realized just how much stuff austin can get into. lol.

It was a nice visit at the cottage, however I got eaten alive by mosquitoes. I hate them. They suck. But it was very nice to have the time with family. The next week I had monday tuesday and wednesday off so me and Austin enjoyed our time together

Dave was home for a quick weekend visit, and we were at a family bridal shower/graduation party, and we tried to have a dinner and a movie date, but only got to the dinner.

Last week I was just in a bad mood funk. Not sure why. I was feeling better then BAM, a lot of drama and upset. I'm working on getting over that. It's definately tough, but time will tell.

Coming up? We have another bridal shower this weekend at grandma and grandpa's. Sunday we are having an open house, hopefully that will get some interest in our house. Another unit in our complex just sold today. It's only been on the market since July 2nd so hopefully that is good news for us. Fingers crossed please!! Monday I am off so I don't know what we are going to do. That's about it. Anyone have fun long weekend plans?

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