Friday, July 9, 2010

Big Day!

I'm very excited today!!! I have a meeting with our Real Estate Agent about putting the house up for sale. In some ways I'm kind of excited that we're starting a new chapter, but in other ways I'm sad.

We're going to be leaving our families. This is hard. They have all been so helpful and supportive of us. Especially when Dave was gone last year. I appreciate everything they did for us and all the help they provided to me. My family, who I have never lived more then an hour away from, will be here while I am on the other side of Canada. It makes me very sad to think about. I'm going to miss my niece and nephew growing up, I'm going to miss my cousin's graduations from highschool, I'm going to miss movie nights with family. Oh how I will miss them. I'm also going at a very tough time. I want to be here for support. I want to have hugs ready whenever they are needed. I want to be able to provide distractions. I want to be able to hold your hand if you need me to. This is going to be very hard for me to leave, and whenever I really start to think about it I cry. (Like I am right now typing this) Just remember, I am a phone call away whatever time that may be and I wil be there however I can.

I am also sad about selling and leaving our first house. The house we brought our baby boy home to. The house we put so much effort into and turned it into a home, not just a place that needed a paint job, un-painted carpets, non 70's carpet, some love and attention and a basement. I will miss the memory of my first smile from austin, the first time I found him naked in his bed because he figured out how to take off his clothes, the living room floor where he first rolled over, the spot by our entertainment stand where he took his first step, the spot by the end table where he walked to me for the first time. Or, how about his bedroom. All the love and sweat and tears put into making that room so awesome for him, something at the time I figured would last for years, but now hopefully will make some other kid excited. I know we will make memories in our next place, but this was our first house. We bought it together. We signed the paperwork the day before our wedding. It truly was a new life together for us. I am going to make sure we have even more awesome memories in our next house.

On another note, today I am exhausted. Austin got up at 2am and was all about partying and playing until I gave up at 4am. not entirely sure what time he fell back asleep as he was in his room, but I know I am tired. Hopefully I can get a nap at some time today.

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