Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sleep at night?

Dear sleep. When it's night time, why do you disappear??? I am working from 4:30 to midnight. I get home and I'm wide awake. 3am comes and I'm still awake. Stupid sleep. I finally get to sleep and then I'm up with Austin because, well he can't be quiet in the Thankfully Austin is in daycare so I can get some sleep during the day before work. I know that some people would say, if you just skip the sleep during the day, go to sleep by 1, you can get quite a few hours of sleep and would be tired when you get hom from work. Nope, doesn't work that way. I sit at work fighting to keep my eyes open with all my might... until 11pm. Then, the second wind hits. And I am awake. I come home and stay awake until 3 again. BAH!!! I just deal with my schedule the way it is. However tomorrow I have a breakfast date with my most favoritest bestest friend in the world and I know I'm going to be tired. However, I am super excited to see Robin since he's been in BC since August.

Austin has been doing pretty good with his big boy bed. I'm not here for bedtimes so I don't know exactly how well it's been going. Sunday night though he kept getting out of his bed and standing at the stairs. (there is a gate across the stairs) I thought that he had finally gone to sleep, he was quiet and there was no movement noises coming through the monitor. I go to the stairs because I'm heading up to grab something and he's sitting on the floor looking out the panel of the gate. Kind of scared me. lol. I get to the top of the stairs and he is smiling at me. I told him it's bed time and made him walk back into his room and climb back into his bed. every time I closed the door he would get right back up so I left the door open and stood at the door. After less then 5 minutes he was asleep. We will have to put a gate across his bedroom door if he doesn't start staying in bed at night, but I think we will leave it for now, hoping that it's just a novelty that he keeps getting out of bed.

Middle of the night wakings we have only had one. It was last night. again I was downstairs not sleeping. I heard Austin cough over the monitor and what I thought was him rolling over in bed. Nope, it was him getting out of bed. (we have the fan on in his room which is closer to the monitor then his bed so it drowns out some of the noises) all of a sudden my cell phone goes off. Thinking who the eff is messaging me at 2:40 am, I check the message. It was Dave. It said "Austin is awake. He just paid me a visit and poked me in the eye" I almost couldn't get up I was laughing so hard. Dave thought he heard a noise in the bedroom and he sat up but couldn't see anything. Austin was there and dave sitting up must have said "hey austin, come wake me up." so Austin made his way to dave's side of the bed and woke him up the best way a son can wake his daddy by poking him in the eye. *I say best way for a son to wake up his daddy because I don't think I would find the humour in being poked in the eye myself while sleeping.*

This weekend is Brian and Korrinne's Jack and Jill. We have been busy planning and I am actually so excited! I really wish I could win all the prizes because there are some really awesome prizes. I don't think we have enough money to buy enough tickets to guarantee us a win. lol. I can't wait for everything to fall into place and everyone will have the night of their lives!!!!

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