Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our weekend.


We had a fun weekend this weekend. Saturday Austin did Fantastically well considering we spent many hours in the car. It was Dave's cousin Becky's bridal shower at his grandparent's place. It was great to see everyone again, as I think it was christmas that I saw them last. Austin spent most of the afternoon hanging out with the boys and taking walks with Grandpa. I tried to bring him inside but he was having none of the sitting still I was hoping for so I took him back outside to the front lawn under the trees. He was given a foam football as a present and he loved it. Plus, right away he grabbed it and started running with it. Like he knew what he was doing! He had the ball tucked correctly under his arm. I know I've never showed him and there is a good chance his father didn't teach him that either. I think it's awesome he's picked it up and I got some great pics on my phone since I forgot my camera (don't worry, I'm currently in the middle of email the pics to my computer to post for you while I write this)

Today Devon and I hosted a 'this is not a shower baby party' I have to start by saying, OMG, Devon made the most fantastic diaper cake ever!!! It was adorable! We did blue and green as the theme and tried to stick to that as much as possible. It was definately a fun day and I am really glad that we were able to get together before we move.

Then later this afternoon Austin got into a mess. I seriously may send the after pic to shit my kids with the caption the freshly steam cleaned carpet. I went upstairs to pee, and he got into the bottom cabinet and grabbed the box of Captain Crunch. He pulled the bag out of the box and climbed upstairs with the bag. Of course, I had my phone upstairs and got pics. lol.
This is his I don't know what youre talking about mom, I have nothing in my mouth face. lol.
Then we went back downstairs and as I had my hand in a sink full of wet dishes he proceeded to dump the entire bag of captain crunch onto the floor.
Of course all the cereal dust from the bottom was also on the floor and he was trying to brush it away. Aka, fling captain crunch across the living room. Sigh. Got it all cleaned up and now the captain has been taken away from him. lol.

This is the image that greeted me after my shower at 2 am friday morning. He decided he wanted to party all hours of the night. so much fun. lol.

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