Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm back!

Alright. I'm very behind with posting especially with my 101 in 1,001. Don't worry, I havent' forgotten about it. I have been working on it even though I haven't been updating. I updated my original list, and once I'm done writing this post I will be updating my side panel. It's been just over a year since I started.

I've completed 16 things, have 8 things on the go and was unable to complete 2 things (I didn't finish my 25 books last year and I don't need to re-size my wedding rings anymore.) Here is my updated list:

The new goals I put in were:

finish recipe cards for Margaret
Finish redecorating the living room.
Do a 'day in the life' picture set of Austin at least every 6 months.
15 date nights
get back into girl guides
take 2 classes per semester to finish bookeeping certificate
watch casablanca
watch a movie for every letter of the alphabet
finish all adam's filing
create logo for adam
re-paint the 3 shelves from the garage to hang
re-arrange bedroom

The 2 books I've read so far this year are Snuff by Chuck Palahniuk and I re-read the last summer (of me and you) by Anne Brashares. I'm in the middle of reading the Lust Lizard of Melancholy lane by Christopher Moore. Should be done that in the next few days.

My list of books from last year, which I am sure I have forgotten a few of them is:

1. Motherhood - 3 short stories by different Authors 3* (I didn't realize it was a harlequin book when I bought it)
2. All or nothing - Claire Cross 4 1/2* - I really enjoyed this book.. it was a light read and I got swept up in the story.
3. The funeral planner - Lynn Isneberg 4* - I also liked this story but it took a while to get into it.
4. The Solomon Sisters wise up - Melissa Senate 4* - This book kept my attention throughout. It was a very nice story of 3 sisters coming together.
5. The Manny 4* - A woman hires then falls in love with her Manny.
6. Every Boy's got one - Meg Cabot 4* - the main character goes to italy to be a witness in her friend's wedding. Quick read.
7. can't remember the name, sorry!
8. Size 12 is not fat - Meg Cabot 3.5*
9. Twilight - Stephenie Meyer 5* - Got sucked into the book and loved it
10. New Moon - Stephenie Meyer 5* - Same as the first book.
11. Eclipse - Sephenie Meyer 4.5* - Started too loose momentum and found myself drifting a bit during reading.
12. Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer 4* - I was actually wondering when this book would end. I just couldn't get into it.
13. Pretty in Plaid - Jen Lancaster 5* - Very funny and truly enjoyed reading this.
14. Bright lights Big Ass - Jen lancaster 5* - Just as funny as the previous book!
15. Tulle Little Tulle late - Kimberly Llewellyn 4* - Pretty good easy read but got bored partway through.
16. Velvet Rope Diaries- Daniella Brodsky 3.5* - took me forever to finish it. I think the only reason I actually finished it is because I told myself I couldn't start my next book until this one was done.
17. Finger Lickin Fifteen - Janet Evanovich 5* - Just as good as the other 14 books, love this series!

I've been trying to take more time away from the internet and tv and get back into scrapbooking and reading. Getting away from TV hasn't been that hard. We cancelled our cable last July, then about a month ago the TV in our room broke and the dvd player on our main level is tempermental and decides when it wants to work. So in that respect it's been fairly easy to eliminate sitting in front of the tv. But Oh do I ever miss it. I am so lost on everything celebrity and can't even tell you how many kids the Duggars have now. (haha.)

The internet.. well facebook is still my number news source (sadly) If it wasn't for facebook I may not have even known about the earthquakes in haiti or the fake death of Bill Cosby. Then there are my 'chat boards'. I've made some really great friends there that I don't want to just give up. I think they have been my saviour. However more on that after. This post is mainly to update my 101 list... so... I'm off to update the sidebar then I will write more after.

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