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Ok, so this post is for Robin. I tried to figure out the best way to lay out the need to know basics of Glee. This is going to a very basic intro and definately won't have all of the cast members with explanations but you will get the idea. Here we go.

We start with Will Schuster. He is the spanish teach and the one who wanted to re-start glee. Re-live his glory days so to speak.

Will is Married to Terri.

She knew she was losing her husband, so she said she was pregnant. She's not. She does have a plan though to get around this. (See further below.) She knows Emma loves Will (see below) so she took a job as a nurse at the school, prescribed all the kids decongestant to make them more energetic and got fired. (or something like that.)

Then there's Emma. She's in love with Will

She decided to settle though and is marrying the gym teacher because she can't have Will. Although she's a germaphobe and doesn't like to be around people so her and her fiance won't live together after they are married and they are going to Hawaii to get married so no one can witness.

Now we have the students (Love square.) Ready??

Rachel is a great singer and does most of the main female singing in the club.

She's very high strung and is in love with Finn.

She very breifly dated Puck as well.

<--- Puck.

However, Finn (also a football player)-> is Dating Quinn.

Quinn is in Glee as well, but used to be on Cheerios (cheer leading squad) She is pregnant, got kicked off of Cheerios because of this. She is telling Finn that it's his. In reality, her and Finn never had sex, the baby is Puck's.

<-- That darn Puck again! (Love the mohawk!)
She says she will go to the grave swearing that the baby is Finn's because he can provide for the family better. Puck tried to prove he would be an awesome dad by baking marijuana cupcakes for the glee bakesale (to get Artie a wheelchair bus to go to their sectionals) then steal the money from the bakesale for the baby. Yeah, great father. haha. Also, Finn and Puck are best friends and play football together. Oh yeah, you read right, recipe for disaster!

So anyways, Quinn is pregnant, and what is she going to do about this baby??
Insert This crazy lady:
<--Terri, Will's "pregnant" but not pregnant wife.
She's going take Quinn's baby and adopt it as her own since they both are around the same time frame for the pregnancy. Then Will doesn't find out she was lying and Quinn can continue on with her life. I predict something is not going to go as planned.
There you go in a nutshell. There are more characters that are just as fun but this is just a brief overview for you. I really hope you enjoy the show. Lot's of great music!
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  1. hey this was useful for meas well...since I have never actually watched the show....

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