Friday, February 19, 2010


He seems to be better. this is our long drawn out story of our night last night and morning so far.

I called telehealth last night and left my name. They called me back, we went through a huge checklist. The main concern was that his breathing was short and shallow when his temp was up high, so we went to the ER last night. at 8pm his temp was 39.9 when we got to the hospital at 9:30 his temp was 37.4. Yay for the fact motrin works. we get put in the waiting room... and wait.. and wait.. after a few hours I got them to check his temp again, back to normal. He got really cranky and didn't want to play with toys, didn't want to sleep, nothing. Some lady beside us was talking to us and said she had a 2 year old son, then pulled out her iphone and let austin play with it on some barnyard animal app she had. OMG lifesaver. I was starting to get worried because in the 8 hours previous he had only ingested 1/2 cup of liquids and wasn't peeing. I was worried about dehydration. When I mentioned it to the nurse she was like oh just keep pushing the liquids and give him whatever he likes to get him to drink it. Well, he really likes grape juice but does it look like I packed a cooler full of stuff for him?? Nope.. I have water. He won't drink it. I finally got him to fall asleep after a fit of screaming around midnight. Slept for maybe 45 minutes.

After 5 hours we get in to see the dr. He basically said that Austin is fine. breathing is normal (well, duh, that's because his fever is gone now) the dr then tried to make me feel like I was over reacting. He launched into the we don't worry too much about fevers because of *insert a bunch of random medical mumbo jumbo* then was like and we don't worry too much until the 4th day anyways. I told him when I walked in that Austin has had this fever since monday. I was like, ummm we are on the 4th day. Whatever, we were told he was fine. We left the hospital at 2am.

Thankfully Austin let me sleep in this morning. Woke me up about 10:15. He was still really whiney like he had been all week. I brought him into my bed and gave him his sippy. He drank. All of it. I was sooooo happy he was drinking again!!! He finished his sippy, rolled over,closed his eyes, then made his trying to sleep whine. I started rubbing his back. He coughed twice and I thought 'that's a weird cough' then he sat up and projectile vomited ALLLLLLLL over my bed. I sat there stunned for a bit. I get everything cleaned up and there is austin, laughing, playing, and babbling away like nothing ever happened. He seems completely fine today. YAY!! No more sickness!!

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