Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our week.

As I'm blogging tonight I'm watching Monsters vs Aliens. I love the super tall chick's hair... As you can tell I haven't really been paying much attention. I would love to have my hair like hers but I'm 99.9% sure I would never be able to pull it off.

Anyways... Yesterday Austin went to daycare. I went and did a walk on the treadmill, enjoyed a nice long shower without Austin trying to climb in the bathtub, un-roll an entire thing of Toilet paper or try to play in the toilet..... Did some banking... All together a productive day.

After I picked Austin up we went for dinner at my mom's. Where he ate like a pig. I have no idea where he picked it up. I joke about, how has he figured out how to eat like his dad when he doesn't see his dad? lol. He just keeps stuffing food in his mouth, 2 handfuls at a time.

I will not be suprised if Austin starts to talk a mile a minute. He babbles non stop. I can tell that he is starting to form the words in his mind because his tone changes and sometimes it seems like he is saying a word. I just need to figure out what that word is.

Today I picked up my mom and Austin (he slept over there last night, I was there till almost 11pm updating music and her iPod) and then dropped mom off at her appointment. From there we went to visit Grandma. We had a fun Visit. Got to see all the toys she has kept over the years. I think she has close to 100 matchbox cars... some from 1970's. He loved playing with them. Then we went shopping at the Carters store. Austin needs some short sleeved onsies so he doesn't get so overheated when he wears his outfits that are longsleeved/sweatshirts. They had some great sales on so I bought him another pair of Coveralls, because really, every adorably cute little boy needs more then one pair of Coveralls.

Austin fell asleep on the way home from Carters and he napped for a bit till we had to go bakc and pick up mom. We then stopped for lunch then headed back home. I applied for a few more jobs (sigh.. I've lost count...) then started to get tired. I put on Monsters vs Aliens and layed in the chair. Austin walked around and played for about 15 minutes or so then same over and curled up in my lap. I'm not sure if he slept or watched the movie, but I napped for probably an hour. It was nice to cuddle with the little man.

We then went for dinner at Dave's parents. After dinner I assembled Austin's Valentines for Daycare tomorrow. Came home, put austin into bed and here we are.

I just charged my camera battery so I should have some new pictures on here soon. I don't think I ever got the pics from Austin's birthday up, so I should get them up here too. I can't wait to get some super awesome pictures of the little man.

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