Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Well, Austin still has a fever. Makes me so sad. Monday night it was at 101.1, Last night 102.5 and tonight was 103.5 I gave him a lukewarm bath, motrin then bed. Hopefully that helps.

Austin wouldn't let me do anything without him today. He had to me touching me. If I set him down on the floor to pee, he started crying. We spent our morning watching Elmo, a quick trip to see Grandma at work and to pick some stuff up, then back to nap. After nap was spent downstairs watching movies while curled up in my lap. My poor little baby. :(

Here are some super sad pics. We layed in bed and he put his head on my lap to watch elmo on the laptop, then eventually fell asleep.

And, some happy pics.

The first one is from Sunday. He got ahold of the lid from the cake and decided that was as much fun as his toys.

This one is also from Sunday. We were playing Just Dance on the Wii and he had his remote (x-box remote tho) and was dancing along with us.

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