Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy may!

Wow, It's May already. I have been falling behind with my internet stuff. First there was easter, then I had a card workshop, then I went to a all day card making event and then next thing you know it's May.

This past weekend I had my cousin's baby shower. I would say it went over fairly well. I think I may have planned too many games. I found so many games that I want to play at another shower, possibly with a younger crowd. I know that my great Aunt's wouldn't really appreciate some of the games I wanted to play. (although I was getting the feeling that some of my great Aunt's weren't appreciating the games we did play) But over all I'm sure that the mom-to-be liked it and most people had a good time, even if the taco dip never did make it to my place.

This weekend coming up is the church craft and yard sale. I have been so busy every night after Austin has gone to bed making cards for the sale. I want to try and have aprox 60 cards to sell so I have to go through and figure out what I have. Unfortunately I don't have any mother's day cards which I think would have sold well. I may just have to make some.. and yes, I know I'm running out of time!! I'm just in the middle of packaging up the cards I have made so far. I bought zippered sandwich bags from the dollar store and I'm going to put a card and envelope in the bag and tape it up so it's tight to the card. That way there if it rains, something gets spilled or lots of people pick up the cards to look at them they still stay in half decent shape.

I've decided to quickly update tonight and I think tomorrow will be a strictly work day when Austin is sleeping. No watching TV (even though the new episode of 90210 is waiting for me) no surfing the computer and no chatting. Work work work. Thankfully Dave is off Friday so he can help watch Austin while I work if needed (I'm hoping to have it all done by then) Friday is going to be busy. We just had my car in for it's annual service a few weeks ago and they checked the brakes. Ever since then whenever I brake they are squeeling. Every.single.freakin.time. It's starting to drive me nuts. When I called to make an appointment to have them checked again I was told it's just coincidence since they didn't do anything. Really? then when something happens and you don't cover it under my warranty because it wasn't checked then I'm going to flip because part of the annual maintenance is to check the brakes. I really want to go down with Dave to fight them on it but we have our stroller fit class from 10-11:30 and the appointment is at 10.

101 in 1,001 update: I have read 3 more books, The manny, Every boy has one and umm.. I can't remember right now. Also, my car was cleaned out (ok, not by me but...) It's been almost 2 weeks and it's still clean! I can't believe it. It's definately a record! Also I will be working on the walking for at least an hour a week goal because of stroller fit on fridays now. I've been trying to take my cloth bags with me shopping for a month but once I get them in the house I forget to take them the next time and I haven't put any bags into my car. We have enough bags now (I've managed to gain 5 re-usable bags in the past 3 weeks for free!) so I am going to keep at least 2 in my car... maybe more. I just need to get into the habit of returning them to the car and taking them in the store. Maybe I will keep them in the cargo netting on the back of my seats. That should help me to remember them a little more often.

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