Sunday, May 31, 2009

Survived the walk!

It's official I've survived the 5k walk. I'm very proud I managed to do it (and without anything from my puffer!) My tailbone and hips are a little sore tonight but I've had some tailbone issues since I was pregnant. I think I am going to make Dave do the walk with me since he got out of it today because he was umpiring a baseball game today so making money won out over walking.

Tonight was a big tv night. It was the hills season finale and the MTV movie awards. I'll start with the hills.

First, how drunk was holly at Heidi's rehersal dinner?? Holy crap! She seemed so out of it. Plus, I'm sorry but you are at a fancy restaurant eating a fancy dinner. You don't throw food around. Yes it is rude. Maybe in crested butte it's all fun and dandy to throw potatoes at people because they look bored, but in most civilizations it's really not. I can't believe she started crying about how dare spencer tell her it was rude to do that and blah blah blah (and I also can't believe I am actually agreeing with spencer!!!)

Speaking of Spencer, how long do you think this good guy thing is going to go for him? Although for him it does take balls to call both lauren and Heidi's mom to apologize. Maybe he is a half decent guy after all?!? Hahahahaha hahahaha.. nevermind, forget I said that, I just remembered who I was talking about. Spencer pratt, the one I believe I've said I wanted to sucker punch because he's a... well... to be nice, a jerk face... (there are more colorful words I would love to use but I know who reads this

OH, and I can't freakin believe charlie brought Stacie to the wedding!!! WTF!!! This is the girl who almost broke up Spencer and Heidi and Spencer's friend brings her to their wedding! I'm really curious to find out what happened when Heidi saw her. I did think it was kind of funny though that she was wearing yellow like the bridesmaids..

And another thing, Kristin Cavalari definately needed a better bra with that dress she was wearing. Her ladies were not looking so hot tonight. Sigh, I can't believe I get no more lauren and have to deal with the speidi drama and Kristin Cavalari next season... We will see if I actually watch it.

So now, the MTV movie awards.... Best thing? Kristen Stewart dropping her award. Too freakin funny. She seemed really out of it, what was she on?? And were those high heeled converses she was wearing? hmmmm ok. I've decided I need to read the twilight series then watch the movie. The MTV movie awards should have been re-named the Twilight movie awards... I don't see how the main character is so hot! Although I guess I am getting a little to old to find the teen movie stars hot. I don't understand how they won so many awards though since 98% of people I've talked to said the movie sucked. I loved Jim Carrey's speech. Especially the part about prop 8. I laughed so loud I thought I was going to wake up dave and Austin.

I really liked Eminem's performance. I like his new song and find it catchy. Although I figure I would since I do own quite a few of his cd's. His music is catchy what can I say. Now, with the whole bruno thing?? I think they maybe targeted bruno to land with his ass and man package in his face but didn't they know he was going to get mad? Although it is kind of funny he actually left the awards show. I probably would have been mad if I was a guy and had some other guy strategically land in my lap wearing a g-string with his man package in my face... not cool.

Then we have the songs that I'm assuming are Andy Sambergs.... Jizzing in my pants, dick in a box?? umm ok... what seemed wrong though was that Leanne Rimes was singing the jizzing in my pants song... Totally does not suit her.. lol.

Anyways, that is my reviews of the two shows... no one else is up to chat about it with so I figured I would just post here. I'm off to bed, it's getting late!

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