Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blah week.

So far this has been a blah week. Yes, I know it's only tuesday. Yesterday we didn't do much of anything. Austin and I actually spent most of the day in our bed. We watched some movies and some tv. Felt like crap and didn't want to get up. I did however have a nice cry.

About 10 minutes before Dave got home we were laying in bed and Austin had been sitting up propped up by a pillow behind him (since our bed is so soft and squishy he can't sit up on his own on it like he can on the floor) and he had slid down so he was laying again. He was trying to sit back up so I went to help him. When I reached my one arm around him to lift him, he turned his head and I hit his cheek with my nail. He started crying so I went to comfort him and that's when I realized that my nail had actually skimmed the skin and his cheek was bleeding. I had no idea what to do. I felt so bad. I finally got the blood under control and manage to calm Austin down when Dave walked in. He noticed the cheek, asked what happened and that's when I lost it. I started bawling about how I didn't mean to do it and he wouldn't stop crying because I had hurt him and I felt so horribly bad. I think it took Dave longer to calm me down then it took me to calm Austin down.. hahaha. I think I just needed to get it out. It's been a while since I've cried just because I needed to get it out. It was due.

Today we went swimming. Austin had fun. However his nap time is at 11 and we went swimming at 11. We got out of the pool at 12:20 because Austin was falling asleep in my arms. Of course by the time we got out and I got him changed he was wide awake again. I put him in the monkey wrap and we didn't even make it halfway across the parking lot before he was out like a light. I have noticed though that the last few days he's been very clingy and fussy. Tonight Dave and I had to take turns eating dinner because Austin wouldn't let us put him down. Even after putting him to bed for the night (which he did without fuss) he was awake every hour or so crying until we put the soother back in his mouth then he went back to sleep. I hope this could be teething and they come in soon so he can not be so miserable. Either way I have a feeling this is going to be a long night!

Tomorrow is going to be a cardmaking day. I have 60 thank you cards to make. I ran out of paper so I have everything but the turquoise paper cut and ready to go. Since I got more of the paper today I am going to spend tomorrow assembling everything.

Thursday is babyville, then friday is our stroller fit class and then I can't remember what we're doing afterwards. Sunday is the walkathon through our church for St Vincents kitchen so if anyone wants to sponsor me then let me know!

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