Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spiders. Yuck.

In case you don't know. I hate spiders. They scare me and give me creepies and make me want to crawl into the corner and cry. (especially when I find them beside my head)

In Ontario we had clearish white spiders, the occassional brown spiders. So far here I've seen black gross spiders. I've seen a picture of a cat spider found in southern Alberta, and I've heard stories about the wolf spider.

The wolf spider creeps me right out. First, they are poisonous. Second, they've been found in a neighbors yard. And thirdly, I've hear stories.... Stories of one prepping to pounce until someone moved. A story about the noise of the wolf spider walking on the wall above their head waking them up. I think I should google so I know what it looks like but I'm afraid of what other images will be returned . Blech.

I've also come across spiders in my house. And so far they've all been in my bathroom except 1, it was in the hallway outside the bathroom. My fear of spiders in the bathroom has now gotten a million times worse. For example, this is my shower routine.

•Grab towel, walk in bathroom and scan all surfaces for spiders.
•Start water and watch for spiders to fall out of tap or crawl out of drain
•Check walls and floor of bathroom.
•climb in shower and hope nothing falls out of shower curtain as I close it.
•Wet hair, grab shampoo, put in hair. While sudsing I check the ceiling for spiders
•Double check drains and walls
• put conditioner in hair, check for spiders
• grab pouf to wash and hope like hell there isn't one in there.
•Wash while checking for spiders
• rinse hair and body, checking the drain for escaping spiders.
•Shut off water and get out quick so spiders don't get me.
•Stand in towel and scan all surfaces for spiders before moving any further
•go climb in bed because spider hunting is exhausting

Then, I just pray at no point in the night I step on one in the dark. *shudder*

I seriously need some spider help. Lol

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