Saturday, March 20, 2010

A nice day

Even though Austin wasn't here last night I was still awake by 8:30 this morning. Dave went to get his tire checked because there was a leak and I laid in bed and caught up on 2 episodes of Parenthood. I really like that show!! Then We got Austin and met Sue Chris and Owen for lunch. Came home and Austin napped while I did homework and Dave unpacked some of his clothes. Then we had Dave's parents and Brian & Korrinne over for dinner. I made a yummy butter pecan cake and a cheese dip for dinner. Everything is all cleaned up and we're just relaxing. We were watching Cars before Austin went to bed and it's still on. Dave is watching it through closed eyelids while I type this. I'm going to head downstairs in a few minutes to finish up my organizing of the craft area so I can get started on scrapbooking etc for the Craft Sale through the church.

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