Friday, March 5, 2010

Crap. & Friday!!

I forgot to give Austin his medication before bed. I really don't think I want to go wake him up right now to give it to him... How on earth am I going to remember this?? I never remember to take meds on time. Like honestly, All those years I was on Birth control..... total waste. I always forgot to take it. Thank Goodness I was responsible with a back up.... but anyways.. enought about that topic.

My stomach hurts.

I have no attention span tonight.

I think I'm spouting random stuff tonight...


There is just a tiny twinge in me that misses the old - younger days (omg, I just said younger days. I can't be that freaking old!!) That was brought on today by:

A case of the fridays!!!

For those who don't know.. let me explain the Fridays to you. It is quite opposite to the mondays. You know, the dragging blah feeling you experience every monday morning upon waking?? That's not the fridays.

Remember back in public school. Friday afternoon the bell would ring. Even though there was a good chance that you wouldn't see your friends all weekend, it was Friday. You immediately got a smile on your face and a bit of an extra bounce in your step. You had 2 whole days to do whatever you wanted with! The bus ride home from school was that much more bearable, it was friday!!!

Then highschool. Friday meant no more teachers who worked you to the bone. You had TGIF (oh how I loved TGIF & ABC) and even though you wouldn't admit it you had saturday morning cartoons. It felt like you were free, like you have just been untied and set free. Oh how the air was that much fresher. It was friday. You would talk on the phone for hours and stay up till all hours of the night. Sleepovers, hanging out, gossiping. It all laid out before you on the friday afternoon, You had all those choices and more.

Then, your late teens/early 20's. Even if you were a working sucker who had to work on saturday and Sunday, Friday still left a great taste in your mouth. You were going out, hitting up the movies, the bar, going out with friends, whatever you wanted, because it was friday. You sacrificed exhaustion and sleep deprivation for a good time. Who cared that you still had to work, you had 2 nights of fun ahead of you. Oh the Fridays...

To be honest, I haven't been feeling the fridays much. Yes, I know I'm not currently working and everyday can by my friday if I want. But it can't. You just can't dress a Wednesday up in Friday's clothing and call it a sheep. It's not the same. However, today, I was driving. Enjoying the sun, and the nice 5 degree weather. my windows were down in the car (just a crack, I didn't want to give austin hypothermia) and it hit me. The fridays.

In my mind, Fridays are always sunny. Just a hint of a breeze or coolness. And the smell of fridays. Like a crisp clean smell. Oh, how I love me some fridays. When I think of the fridays, for some reason I think of walking up Amelia street to my old house. Walking up the little hill with a bounce in my step. No idea why, but I'll stick with it. Hello Friday, I embrace you. Please come again. Every week would be great.

Alas, it's after midnight so it's now saturday. The fridays will have to go away and come back. Time to embrace a new Day. Saturdays I have to say don't have a feeling for me. Nothing like my case of the Fridays. Thank you for the bounce in my step friday. I *heart* you. Hope to see you soon.

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