Thursday, March 4, 2010

Houston... We have:

medicine. Oh Dear lord, please let it help and make my baby not sick. I kid you not that Austin started Daycare Dec 17th, and by the end of that week was sick. The last week in january and the First week in February were the only 2 weeks he has not been sick. It was kind of an embarrasing dr's appt today. I got mini lectured by the dr for being almost an hour late when really, it was the new secretary who forgot about us for over 45 minutes in the waiting room. I was frustrated that I was left that long in the waiting room, plus all hopped up on mommy guilt that my child was STILL sick. Once the dr realized we had been forgotten and I wasn't that late to the appt he told me that if I am ever waiting for more then 5-10 minutes to go remind the receptionist that I am there because I should never have to wait, let alone more then 5-10 minutes. *Insert gush at how much I really love my dr!*

Then he said, what's going on. And that's when the embarrasment started. I bawled. Lol. I really did. He told me to sit down and tell him what's going on. In between gasps and cries I told him just how frustrated I was with Austin still being sick, going for 3 hours of crying in the middle of the night because he's sick and can't breathe and there is nothing I can do to help it, Dave still being out of the province and me doing the night times and most daytimes alone, and my frustrations over my previous job about them being so sucky about me having to call in because Austin was sick then got me sick. So, we have amoxacillen (however you spell it) and the dr said to come back in 10 days and either he will be better and get his shots (that he was supposed to get 2 weeks ago at his last appt, but suprise suprise, was sick) or if he is still sick he will be going to see a pediatrician. I'm banking on being better.. please please please.

We have some sort of a plan worked out. Dave will be home on the 16th - ish. They are leaving Alberta on the 13th. I can't wait. Too bad that he will miss the 2 days that I am going to need him the most, the 14th and 15th, as I have to go into the hospital on the 15th and need to prep on the 14th. I know there is no way I'm going to be able to keep up with Austin either of those days and on the monday Daycare is closed for March break. If you're curious as to what's going on the 15th, message me and let me know... There is just some TMI I don't want broadcast everywhere.

101 in 1,001 update: Finished reading Who's wedding is it anyways by Melissa Senate. I bought the book last year in hopes of actually reading it and getting nowhere. I have read the solomon sisters wise up by Melissa Senate and enjoyed it so I thought I would read this one. It's pretty predictable... but was a very quick read.

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