Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Alright, as promised, I'm here again.

Today = Waste. I should not have napped. lol. It started with "I won't really nap, I'll just lay in bed and 'relax' while reading'. Then it turned into 'well, I'm already in bed, why not have just a little nap' I set my alarm for an hour later.... Alarm goes off.... I hit snooze. I was tired. Finally 2 hours after starting my nap I decide I should get up. I then drift in and out of conciousness for the next 2 hours until crap, I have to go get Austin. I still don't feel very rested and I'm thinking I'm going to go to bed soon. No idea why I'm so tired, and for those smarty pants out there....No, I'm not pregnant. Dave's last visit home did not co-incide with baby making time. *whew*

Now, I need to vent a bit. I have no idea WTF my next door neighbours are doing. I swear to god they decided to tear out all the walls in their house and redesign it. I swear it!! However I doubt it since I have not seen wall debris coming out or new drywall going in. I know there are downsides to living in townhouses because you can hear your neighbours. Well, for the most part it's pretty quiet. Our other next door neighbour's son apparently makes crazy noise in their basement and in the 2 1/2 years we've been here I've never heard him. However French next door neighbours.. well, I think when they built our place they forgot insulation between our house. I can hear when they vaccum. Although I think the reason I hear them all the time is because they do it at like 11pm. Mr French neighbour is a professional painter (don't get me started about the storage in our attached-to-each-other garage of all his supplies that are more then likely flamable) and I swear they re-paint their house once a month. I know, because I can hear the rollers on the walls in the living room. I figured out they were rollers by pressing my ear to the wall and listening, I'm at least 99% sure that noise is paint rollers.

However, back to my original vent. I don't know what they are doing in their house. They've been doing it for over a week now. I have heard thumping of things over there, rolling of paint (or so I believe) and finally, hammering. And lots of it. Non-stop. Most times, it bugs me, but it's not disrupting us so whatever. I've tuned it out now. I was soooo thankful that Austin was at Dave's parents on the weekend because it was unbelievably noisy during nap time. BUT, tonight it started around 7pm. I thought, whatever, as long as you're done by bedtime. I put Austin down hoping he won't notice the hammering. 9pm, Austin's awake and crying. He's never up that early after putting him down. If he wakes up it's around midnight. I go upstairs, settle him down. The hammering is still going on but quietly. I figure it's not that loud he will sleep through it. 10:40, Austin's up again, hammering still happening. I'm pissed. I walk to our connecting living room wall and start banging my fist on the wall. I know they can hear it, my picture is shaking on the wall. Go upstairs, settle austin again. It's now been 30 min and I haven't heard anything since.

You better believe though I will be writing them a note and leaving it at their door tomorrow. There isn't really much point of going to yell at them since mr and mrs French don't understand much english. I just want to throatpunch them. However, I will not. I will rant about them here and give them dirty looks. No more smiles and waves from me. You want to be a douche, I will be a bitch. I have put up with it long enough. They need to understand that they do have neighbours who can hear the loud noises you are making.

Gah... Anywho...

Me and Austin went to the park yesterday after daycare. He had a blast, and it killed some time before dinner. He was sooo tired last night from all the fresh air (he also spent some time at the park with daycare) and was out for the night. woo hoo!!

Finally got a few pictures of me and the little man.

The second pic... well, he just wanted to go back to the slide... sigh.

I'm trying to add in a video of him from the park... let's hope this works..

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