Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First Playground trip

Well, the first time we went to the playground in our Townhouse complex. They tore out the old one that was in dire need of repair and put in a new one. Not really a fan. However, I did get Austin sliding away and he seemed to enjoy it. Here are some cute pictures from today.
He kept wanting to sit on the slide at first, then I showed him how to slide.

Showing off his super cute new Cars Shoes.
Seconds after this pic was taken he gave me a heart attack as he tried to take another step towards the slide. Ugh. Really glad I was right there to say stop and sit down. *whew*
Great Action shots. You can see how much fun he's having!

And then going back for more!
We almost have the waving down. After I don't know at least 6 months of trying to get Austin to wave he's started to pick it up. This is kind of exciting. lol. It's a 1 in 50 chance he will wave on his own, but if you start his hand waving he will continue. Of course that's when he's in the mood.

Also, he's starting to get the concept of Kleenex - other then to rip out of the box and shred all over the living room. Tonight he took a kleenex, put it to his mouth and blew. Not quite it's intended purpose but I'm sure he'll learn that soon enough. Especially if he continues down his sick path. This week we still have the runny nose and lots of chest congestion. I've got the vapourizer going full blast in his room, which I don't think he enjoys so much because he's been up coughing and screaming, making it known he's not happy through the night the past few nights. I know the coughing is good for him to get it cleared out, but the screaming and crying I could do without. We have a dr's appt on thursday, which from the sounds of it he won't be better for, so we will probably have to re-schedule and get his shots another day.

Finally, I am sooooo happy to announce: My husband is finally coming home!! We are expecting him sometime between the 16th and the 21st. Depends on what day he's done work and what day his dad flies out to Alberta to drive home with him. This excites me to no end. Although, on one hand, I'm not looking forward to giving up the bed I've had all to myself for the past 8 months.
Lastly: 101 in 1,001 update: Read another book: Working Stiff by Grant Stoddard Plus, I rented and watched an entire tv series I have never seen before. I got Freaks and Geeks. I honestly thought this was a totally different show that I had seen a few episodes of years ago.. However it wasn't. It did turn out to be a pretty good show, even though the entire series was only 18 episodes long. At times it was a little over the top acting but I did enjoy it anyways.

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