Monday, June 8, 2009

Austin is all done trying new vegetables... or at least all the heinz beginner ones. For some reason wax beans is on the beginner list but I can't find it in the stores. I have been saving the containers and I am going to make my own baby food... at least do some basics like peas and carrots. I'm sure I will find out more recipies to make as he starts eating more.

I started reading twilight. I started the book on thursday and finished it Saturday night. Then I started New Moon sunday morning and finished it this afternoon. I finished it so quickly because I was sick today and spent all day in bed. I brought up the jumperoo and some toys for Austin and we did nothing all day. He spent time jumping, crawling, climbing and sleeping today. I think he had a pretty active day. Then tonight we watched twilight. Not too sure about it. I found I didn't get as drawn into the story as I did when reading the book.

My cell phone was 'broken' today. It turns out when I got my blackberry the guy at rogers should have programmed a new sim card for me. Mine is 6 years old. Or should I say was. I spent the entire day without a working cell phone until Dave got home and I could use his phone to call repair. Once the guy set up the new sim card and I transfered everything back over to the new card my phone is as good as new. So.... if anyone called me today, I'm sorry. I slept all day..

I think that's all for now. I'm heading back to bed. Finally the horrible sinus pain in my head is gone so I may actually be able to sleep!

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