Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Green Bean failure.

Well, tonight's dinner was a massive fail. I got everything ready and when I walked into the living room/dining room I smelt an awful odor coming from Austin. So, I set his cup of green beans down in the pull out cup holder on the highchair. The tray was already pulled out so after I changed his bum I went to put him in the highchair by just sliding him in and not removing the tray. (like I always do.) WELL, just as got him in the highchair he kicked his legs. That's right, those green beans were still in the cup holder.

He kicked the tray right off the highchair. The beans flew. It was on our wall, on the carpet, all over the bottom and top of the tray. My toes were covered in green beans and my one pant leg. The other pant leg and my shirt was soaked from the sippy cup that was also sitting on the tray that went flying. It was a mess. While cleaning his tray I was trying to get the bottom and without realizing I ended up wiping beans all over my shirt too. We finally get everything cleaned up and couldn't get all the beans off my pants so they looked like a dog took a nice green crap on them. Then I start feeding him. He decided to blow bubbles in his oatmeal which sent it all over his face. Then, decided to rub his eyes, but start with his fist at his mouth so he spread the oatmeal and beans all over his face. Oh yeah, that was fun.

Between this and everything else going on I think I need a


  1. lol @ him blowing bubbles.

    This is Spencer's new favourite hobby!

  2. Welcome to the joys of feeding solids! Annora has yet to make a mess as large as this, but I figure it's coming very very soon. I just found gummy peaches in her hair today, I think leftover from yesterday. How it got in her hair on the back of her head I have no idea.


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