Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What makes my day.

I love how I can make Austin smile. I lift him above my head so he's 'flying' and say hello and he goes into the biggest grin imaginable!!! Then if I keep him up there and keep talking to him he will kick his legs and giggle. It makes my day. He even makes me laugh because he can be crying the hardest he's ever cried and I can't get him to stop, but I lift him up and say hello, he'll start crying then halfway through switch to a giggle. I will have to see if dave can help me get it onto video.

Speaking of video, we have been unsuccessful in getting Austin Rolling over on video yet. Sunday at my mom's we propped him up on his arms and he rolled over. We did it again and he rolled the other way. He was definately putting some effort into it. I know some may say it wasn't a true roll but I'm saying it was his first assisted roll. When we laid him down without propping his arms under him he was working hard to get rolled over but couldn't get his little legs to go.

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