Monday, January 12, 2009

Leaky Diapers

It took almost 2 months..... Last night we had a diaper leak. I thought it was just a random occurance, thought nothing of it. However I woke up this morning to another leak. This time it was worse. I thought maybe the diaper genie needed to be changed because of the smell. Nope, it was the baby. Almost 2 months and we finally have a need to change the crib sheets. (Well, to be fair, he didn't sleep in the crib for the first month anyways...) We now have yellow spotted sheets, not that anyone cares.

My 2 month old (tomorrow) is a big boy. He just went through a growth spurt. Now all of his 3 month clothes are tight on him, when I put on the sleepers his feet pull the sleeper tight because he's grown longer. He is now in 6 month clothes. Holy. Who would have thought!! When you look at him though he doesn't look like a fat baby, just a big baby. We've already had to thin out his drawers. It's good though because after Christmas I had a hard time getting all of the clothes in the drawer.

He's also become a sucker. Not just from his soother. He will suck whatever he can find. I was holding him and he started sucking on my arm today. He will also suck blankets, sweaters, toys and his knuckles. He doesn't suck his thumb, it's his knuckles. It's really cute.

Those of you on my facebook, I've also uploaded a video taken today of him laying on the change table making faces and wiggling around.

Ok, enough about the baby... What is new with me........... ummm.......... wow. I've become one of those people who doesn't have a life outside of their baby. I'm sure I could think of something... yeah maybe not. That kind of sucks.

Well I guess I'm off, there's a sink full of dirty bottles calling my name.

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