Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Dave!!

Today is Dave's Birthday. It was so great he even called in sick to work today. This is how the day went: Wake up, go downstairs. Dave fell asleep in the chair, baby in the swing. I woke up, go downstairs, Dave moves to couch - falls alseep. I feed Austin and watch some recorded shows off our pvr. Dave sleeps all afternoon, I watch tv, play with Austin and generally do nothing. Dave wakes up, we feed baby, watch some more tv. Austin falls asleep, I go have a shower then we go to Dave's parents for dinner, come home Austin goes to bed, dave goes to bed, here I am.

My throat is still a little sore but it doesn't seem to be getting worse. Dave I think has killed whatever cold was in him by sleep (I hope) and Austin is smiling again today. The entire time he was sick we couldn't get a smile out of him. Today he was all smiles so I take it as a sign he's getting better. His nose is still running a little bit but not bad.

This is a picture of Austin Monday. He was fussing like crazy and as soon as I put him on the Panda pillow he passed out.

These are a few pictures I took while on my road-trip on Tuesday. This is out by my grandma's house.

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