Friday, January 16, 2009

2 Month dr's appt.

Today was Austin 2 month appt at the dr's. He now weighs 13lbs 14oz. According to the dr's measurments he has shrunk in length. (which I know isn't true) How the dr measures the length is to lay the baby down, mark where the head is then stretch out the foot and mark it then measure the paper underneath. That way there you don't have to try and stretch the baby out and keep him still. His head is 41 cm now. I asked the dr to check out his super dry head and he said to put either vaseline, baby oil, moisturizer or lubriderm on it and see if that will help it.

Then we went for his shots. It didn't help he was starting to fuss because he was getting hungry. I was in such a rush this morning I forgot to grab his bottle to take with us. It was already made, just not packed. So he got his 2 needles, one in each thigh. And he cried. He cried so hard that he produced his first tear. It was kind of sad that he had cried so hard to get the tear. A lot of people (including our dr) say that the shots are harder on the parents than the baby. I have to say I did pretty good. Austin however, isn't doing so great. He's pretty grumpy. They warned me that he could get a low grade fever from the shots and to give him tylenol. He's still pretty grumpy with the tylenol so this could be a fun night. Hopefully he's so exhausted from the day that he just sleeps and doesn't fuss all night.

Other than that we are good. I've got to run though, Austin is fussing. I think it's time for nap bottle then bed.

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