Monday, May 28, 2012

That time of the year

Sigh. I like the warmer weather. But one thing that happens? sandals. Every other week or so I take Austin to a play land (McDonalds or burger king around here) so he can run around and exert some energy.

Now, I realize these play places are full of germs. However, on the front of every play place it says "socks must be worn" (or some variation) yet every summer, the play places are filled with bare footed kids.

It's not that hard to keep a pair of socks in the car/purse/diaper bag. If I have forgotten them, sorry austin, no playing for you.

I get that businesses don't want to lose customers because they say their kids can't play. At least McDonalds sells socks. I really wish more people would put socks in their kids and if they don't, someone from the store stop the kids from playing.

Last week we went to McDonalds to play and not even thinking while I was in the line to pay I told Austin he could go ahead and play. He was wearing sandals and I had his socks. The woman changing the garbage actually asked him where his socks were. Now, she didn't physically stop him from playing and he ran into the play area anyways, but she also came out to me and said "excuse me, do you have a little boy with a blue shirt on? He doesn't have socks to play in." I appreciated her saying something. I went and told him to come out of the play area and put his socks on. I reminded him he needs socks on to play (because we have had some instances of taking his socks off inside the play area before) and away he went.

If businesses were a little more aware of their play areas it would be good. But, they are not so until then I will try not to bitch slap anyone in a fit of frustration.

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  1. I agree. If you are going to post a sign then you need to enforce the rules as well.


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