Monday, May 14, 2012

Just imagine

We've had a few instances of imagination but nothing has ever gone on this long. It started Thursday night. Austin walked into the kitchen with the little box of chalk with the handle on it. He starts walking down the hall. I ask "what are you doing?" "going to work mommy. On airplane" "You're going to fly to work?" "yes mommy, hurry! airplane is leaving" At this point he ushers me into the hallway and he sits down and pats beside him. I'm thinking wow, you've got about the right size of airline seats... Anywho, I convince him mommy doesn't sit on the flight. Then I think, how about mommy and daddy's bed be the airplane. I ask if Mackenzie can come with us and off we go. First, he takes his box of chalk and puts it up on our headboard. I'm guessing that's his overhead bin? At some point he had picked up a coloring book and tried to put it up there. I told him it was too big, he'd have to put it under his seat. What dies he do? Put it under the pillow. He informs me that the airplane is about to leave and we need to put on our seatbelts. Not entirely sure what we were going to use for seatbelts he simply climbed under the blankets and put them up around his waist. We take off and I ask him: "where are we going?" "we going to work" "where is work?" "down the street." "what do you do at work?" "be like daddy" Since then our bed is not a bed anymore, it's a plane. Dave is working night shift so one morning I had to convince him that daddy was allowed to sleep on the plane. I'm not allowed to sit on the bed without my seatbelt on. He crawled into our bed yesterday instead of napping and I was on the laptop. He informed me that the plane was taking off and I had to shut the lid. (you know those videos they play before takeoff? Apparently he actually watches and pays attention. Lol) Dave was leaning on the bed and Austin told him he needed to have his feet off the floor, the plane was leaving! But every day that box of chalk has remained on our headboard. I know if I move it he'll put it back. So there it sits. Good thing it's not in our way.

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