Friday, May 18, 2012

Emergency Preparedness Week

That was last week, (or maybe this week....) and the firehall down the street had an open house. I had actually forgotten about it until I heard sirens outside my house and looked out to see 2 firemen and Sparky standing in the back of the truck telling everyone to come down. I loaded the kids up and away we went.

Austin loved it. Every time we drive past the firehall he announces whether the trucks are out or not. Imagine his excitement as we got closer and the trucks were out. Now imagine his excitement when the super young fireman (I think he had to be in training. Was barely out of highschool!) let him sit in the truck.

I know, he doesn't look that excited, but I promise, he is.

They had a bunch of free goodies for the kids, a bbq, and all the fire equipment on display. Austin could have cared less. He just wanted to play with the trucks.

A very blurry shot of Sparky. Austin kept calling him Sam. I couldn't figure out why. Finally he told me that he was like his Sam at home. Apparently Austin named his stuffed dalmation Sam. I had to explain that this doggie was actually Sparky but he was having none of it. Even when another kid would call out to Sparky Austin would get mad and say "No! Sam!" Sigh.

In the passenger seat.

Hanging out in the back!

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