Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2 Months old!

Alright so I'm over a week late posting this, but hey, it's here ok?

What would a 2 month old post be without some cute pictures. Here is the "whoop whoop I made it 2 months and my brother hasn't seriously injured me yet" picture. (seriously, childhood playing is top of my injury worry list when it comes to a rambuncious pre-schooler and a newborn baby.)

Raise the roof!

At her appt for her shots she was 23 inches long, and coming in a  whopping 12lbs 9oz. She is in the 90th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height and head circumference.

Look at this smile. Seriously. I just want to snuggle her all day.

Mackenzie is such a happy baby. If she goes too long between sleeps she gets super cranky though. She's at the point where she is trying to stay up more but still needs more sleep. She absolutely loves the ceiling fan. She could be crying and fussing but lay her on our bed and she will stare at the fan and coo. It's so cute! She also loves her mobiles. There is one on the swing she will stare at, and now that she's in her crib she will lay and coo at the one in her room instead of nap.

So, here is short video of her cooing at the fan. Then she gets the hiccups. (like always)

And finally, here is a little comparison of Austin at 2 months and Mackenzie at 2 months.

(also note how I had way more time on my hands with his 2 month old sign. lol)

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