Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Easter!!

Ok Ok, it's a week late. I blame the baby. lol.
But really. Happy Easter!! Before we went to bed Dave's mom and I... err, the Easter Bunny, laid out the gifts.
I'll be honest, I didn't see Austin's super excited face when he saw that the Easter Bunny left him a big boy bike. Why didn't I? Because I was sleeping. When Dave's dad was here and up at his computer working by 6am Austin would get up with him. And, well, 6am is too damn early (we're working on getting back to a 7:30 or 8am wake up) Anyways, so I was sleeping but that is ok. By the time I got up he had already finished half the activities in his color wonder book he got.
After I got up we went outside to do the Easter Egg Hunt. Austin had a blast and ran around like a fool picking them all up. It was really cold and windy so it's a good thing he was running. lol.
The Easter Bunny put the eggs on each step of the slide but the wind knocked one down.
So Austin had to put it back on the slide an put all of them at the top...
Then roll them all down the slide before collecting them.
Austin went through his eggs and put them in a container while Mackenzie 'opened' her gifts... (rattles, soothers, and clothes from mommy and daddy bunny and a mobile and books from grandma and grandpa bunny) While he was doing that I borrowed a few eggs for these pictures and he was not happy with sharing them. Next year should be super fun....
This is a "one for the basket, one for my mouth" shot. He had a lot of gummies.

She was totally trying to eat the eggs because it was feeding time.

Then I tortured my children with a bit of a photo shoot. And I think Mackenzie will forever hate me for some of these pictures. Meh, oh well. lol. I put her brother in a Christmas basket with decorations when he was newborn, she will just have to get used to it.

I tried to get a nice shot of the two of them. I only got 4 pictures in and it wasn't easy. Austin was having none of it. None. So here are the 4 we did managed to get.

Finally Little bunny is tired and says have a good day! Hope everyone else had a great Easter!

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