Saturday, April 14, 2012

The First Week

Here we are, closing in on the end of the first week alone with 2 kids.

I'm still alive. Austin is still alive. Mackenzie is alive. Woo Hoo!

However. We're sick. All 3 of us.

Monday night, Mackenzie was fussy and finally got her to sleep at 11. 12:30 I woke up to Austin crying. Got him settled back down. 2:00 Crying again. Walk out into the hall and greeted by a child covered in puke. Also, in the time from 11 to 2 I developed a sore throat. A little bit of a sniffly little boy, just a sore throat from me.

Then..... sore itchy ears and my runny nose starts. Austin has coughing and sneezing and massively runny nose. Oh yay.

I had such a bad cough that I gave in last night and took cough medicine. I tried to go to sleep at midnight. I was up coughing until 2, when Mackenzie woke up so congested she was having a hard time breathing through her nose and was not at all happy about it. She was so congested I actually managed to get something out when I used the nasal aspirator. That just pissed her right off. She was not happy and let me know. Finally got her settled and was still coughing. I said eff that and took the cough medicine. It was lovely to sleep.

Today my cough is back and so bad I'm gagging and it feels like my will explode if I cough one more time. Bring on the cough medicine.

But the upside is that even with being alone with 2 kids and all of us being sick, I did all the laundry and we made it to Mackenzie's 1 month check up.... On time. *gasp*

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