Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Death of the CD

I feel a little bad for the youth of today. They won't know the joy of making mixed tapes or mixed cd's. Especially the mixed tapes. The agonizing skill it took to hit record at just the right time to get the song but not the radio host talking. How you would memorize the beginning to every song so you could know in the first 2 seconds if it's one you wanted on your tape or not.

But, I think the best part of my musical youth, is now. Coming across my old tapes and cd's. Especially the tapes because I remember sitting on the floor in front of my stereo with my finger hovering on the record just in case the next song was a good one. Then not hitting stop in time after the song was done so I would have to rewind the tape to the end of the song to stop it for the next one. Or not getting the song started in time and having to stop, rewind, and try again next time it played. Oh the memories.

While I don't often play cd's anymore, I did take all my awesome mixed cd's and put them onto my ipod. Some days when I'm in a nostalgic mood I will play them, and laugh and think back to highschool. I have a cd titled Kristin's mix 2002. There are so many different songs on there. Country, rock, rap, easy listening, songs I thought would be hits and turned out no one knew who they were. I can't believe it's been 10 years. Feels like yesterday sometimes.

The kids of today won't be able to come across a cd and have the memories. They won't be able to sit in their living rooms in their 20's with their highschool friends laughing at the ridiculous music they listened to.... while drunk.... and dancing around.... Not that I've ever done that. *whistles and looks away* (ahem, boy power cd anyone haha!)

Who knows maybe by then they will just find their old iPod or iPhones with their playlists on it. And they will mock our mixed tapes and mixed cd's, just like we mock our parents records and 8-tracks.

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  1. Ahh I remember doing that! Or that I had to record all my CDs onto a tape because I didn't hve a discman I only had a walkman. I do still listen to my CD's, only in the car, but I have ately been burning them into my itunes library so that I can up load them to my m3 player for the gym. Our kids will probably look at CD's the way we looked at LP records.


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