Monday, April 16, 2012

Big Boy Bike

I thought the Easter post was a little full already so I figured I would post about Austin's Big boy bike in it's own thread.
For Easter Grandma and Grandpa bunny got him a 2 wheel bike with training wheels. It was getting pretty funny watching such a big boy on the little trike he had, so it was time.
Austin and Grandma drove it up and down the hall a bit that morning but after lunch I took him out to ride it.
He was having a bit of a hard time understanding why he would stop short when he peddaled backwards.Trikes don't have brakes at all so this is all a new concept to him. By the time we were headed back home he would pedal forwards twice, backwards (coming to a complete stop) once. Then forwards again. It was a long walk home and we were only across the street!!
Hopefully this *shudder* snow *shudder* we've had the past few days goes away soon so Austin can get back out on his bike and practice going forwards only.

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