Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to work

Sigh, back to work time. This afternoon Dave heads back up north for work. I'm not going to lie. Him being home for 4 weeks, I got spoiled. Just this morning I slept until 10am. That's virtually unheard of with a 3 year old. The sleep and help with said 3 year old has been amazing.

I'm on a mom board, and with Austin having a birthday so late in the year, most of the moms with 3 year olds are months ahead of me. The consensus is that the terrible 2's aren't so terrible. 3 is worse. I know that the first few months of 3 are great, then BAM! They turn into little jerks. Yup, Austin's hit that point. He does not want to listen and everything is answered with a "uh uh" "NO!" or "no way!" He is ignoring everything we say, and the other day started pushing our friend's daughter. We've never had a big issue with pushing, so this was a shock.

I'm counting down the days until Dave gets home again, because I'm sure these next 2 weeks will be full of time outs and deep breaths.

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