Saturday, January 28, 2012

The day my heart went mush.

Tonight let it be noted that it's the day my heart went mush.

I was reminded just how awesome my husband is. With him being gone so much for work I truly worry about Austin having great "daddy and me" memories. The day started out with cleaning out the new baby's room. We emptied the closet and came across 2 sleeping bags. We put them in the kitchen to go out to the garage. Hours later Austin drags the sleeping bag into the living room and asks daddy if they can go camping. Now, it being January and rather cold out, Daddy said no, we're not going to go camping. I thought about it for a while and about an hour later I went into the living room and suggested to Dave that maybe the boys should "camp" in the living room tonight. He tells me he's already ahead of me. They were going to sleep in the sleeping bags in the living room. (and this is when I'm kicking myself for not going to get the kids tent when it was on sale before Christmas for $25, because sleeping in the tent in the living room would have been even more awesome.)

Tonight the next door neighbor and I went to bingo. I had fun. I got home just after 9:30. There in my living room was daddy and Austin laying on an air mattress in their sleeping bags. As soon as I walked in the door Austin said "mommy's home!" then despite cars 2 being on, he rolled over and went to sleep. Dave figured he was just waiting for me to get home before falling asleep. Very shortly after I got to snap this picture:
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When I first got home I excitedly asked Austin if he was camping with daddy tonight and I could tell he was happy that him and daddy got to camp out. Like I said I worry about him having memories of his dad because he isn't around all the time. I know my son and I can guarantee he will be talking about this night for weeks if not months. Yes, the bed would have been comfier and easier, but it melted my heart that my husband knew this would be the type of thing that would make a great memory and gave up sleeping in a bed for a night to make a great night for his son. (especially since we've both sworn off sharing a bed with austin. He is a tosser and wiggler in his sleep) Melts my heart so much.

As I was getting ready for bed I came across this. Seriously my husband and son are so alike in a million ways, but this just cracked me up!
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